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To celebrate the release of our latest publication, the Make: Ultimate Kit Guide 2012 (and its companion website), we’re giving away at least one of the cool kits reviewed in the issue each day during the holiday season.

Today’s giveaway is for a BulbDial Clock Kit (a $90 value.) Here is Marc de Vinck’s review from the issue:

The Bulbdial Clock displays analog time, without any motor, movement, or screen. The 72 LEDs cast shadow hands across its face, with red, green, and blue for hours, minutes, and seconds. It’s a beautiful effect, and the kit is not difficult to assemble, thanks to incredibly well-done instructions.

To be eligible for today’s giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment below in this post. The entry period for today’s prize will be until 11:59pm PST tonight. We’ll choose one person at random, you’ll be notified by email, and you’ll have 48 hours to respond. The Winners List is kept on the Giveaway landing page. That’s it! No purchase necessary or anything else to do. Please leave only one comment per post. You can enter as many giveaways as you like until you win. This giveaway is for US residents only. You also must be 18 years old to enter (Kids: Ask your parents to enter). See the Kit-A-Day Giveaway landing page for full sweepstakes details and Official Rules.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Enter Me Please

  2. Anonymous says:

    That is a cool clock

  3. josh casey says:

    This is soo rad!

  4. Anonymous says:

    What can I say! I want! :)

  5. andy.mello says:

  6. Brian Vogel says:

    this one would be cool too

  7. Anonymous says:

    Pick me!! ;)

  8. Tim Bell says:

    that would work on my desk

  9. Anonymous says:

    Looks cool, certainly wouldn’t mind winning this!

  10. Anonymous says:

    This is awesome.  Count me int!

  11. Looks like a fun project!

  12. Anonymous says:

    nice. clock

  13. Jeremy Lambert says:


  14. Jon Walsh says:

    Oh exciting

  15. Erik Mendoza says:

    Another cool clock :-)

  16. Chet Weaver says:

    I could use a new clock…

  17. Pete MacMillin says:

    Looks nice!

  18. Anonymous says:


  19. Ashley Huxley says:

    Love how this works

  20. Anonymous says:

    Will look nice on my desk

  21. awesome…. I want that’s kit :)

  22. Matthew Beldyk says:

    That would look neato on my desk.

  23. Sheila OKeefe says:

    me please

  24. I do believe in Santa. Please bring me this!

  25. James R. says:

    Art + electronics; Difficult to beat!

  26. Nice, lovely project. Would not mind building one.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Genie of the lamp….

  28. Chip says:

    Hey, who’s this other Chip?

  29. Travis Megee says:


  30. that would make a cool gift!

  31. Kathy Tappan says:

    try try again.

  32. mworrell says:

    cool clock

  33. Craig Corbin says:

    This is the coolest clock evar.  Would love to be able to assemble this with my youngest daughter as a way to get her excited about learning to read a clock.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Wake me if I win…

  35. Zach Hodgson says:


  36. Larry Garetto says:


  37. Sam Ewen says:


  38. I would love to build this clock.  I’ve apparently recently become obsessed with DIy clocks.  Hook it up!

  39. Laura Wenham says:

    What an awesome clock…

  40. Lewis Baumstark says:

    I need this as a bedside clock just because it will annoy my must-have-it-completely-dark-to-sleep wife.  :)

  41. Anonymous says:

    Awesome kit. Would love to have it.

  42. Anonymous says:

    awesome clock!

  43. Anonymous says:

    Now that is different.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Looks Good

  45. Nick Adams says:

    Looks like a fun project.

  46. Bryan Currey says:

    Such cool stuff !!! I want every thing you guys have in the shed !!! :D

  47. Tom Pixley says:

    Make rocks

  48. Ed MacDaniel says:

    Sweet!  Eddie like.

  49. David Miller says:

    Very Cool.

  50. David Cushing says:

     only TIME will tell

  51. Robert says:

    Keep on trying. Gonna win yet.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Look, ma – no hands …

  53. Philip Lexow says:

    Here’s hoping I win…

  54. Eric Lofgren says:

    Sign me up!

  55. Eric Gero says:

    Looks like a fun kit.

  56. It’s about time I won something here…

  57. Frank Herbert says:

    Wow, neat stuff!!

  58. Anonymous says:

    I want to win something.

  59. Jarrod Sears says:

    looks cool

  60. Bcook65 says:

    If I could save time in a bulb dial clock.. the first thing that I’d like to do… :D

  61. Anonymous says:


  62. “Tick-tock goes the clock, even for the Doctor…”

  63. Anonymous says:

    Does this thing tell space time? I’m working on a time travel experiment and such a clock would be very helpful.

  64. Tayopa Mogilner says:

    looks like a fun little project.

  65. Anonymous says:

    Wow, very cool kit.  This one santa would bring for me :)

  66. Brian Lilly says:

    Disqus, don’t fail me now

  67. David Weier says:

    This is pretty sweet!!

  68. Doug Johnson says:


  69. Chris Hoover says:


  70. jeffrey ambs says:

    I’ll never know what time it is.

  71. Pavel Šimon says:

    Looks very good.

  72. Anonymous says:


  73. Elliott Brecht says:


  74. David Bell says:

    Lovely concept – an electronic sundial!

  75. Michael McSpadden says:


  76. Daniel says:

    In the words of Donkey (from Shrek), “pick me”

  77. Anonymous says:

    clocks are cool

  78. tonyvr says:

    I’ll take one!

  79. Joseph kirdahy says:


  80. Nathan Luoto says:


  81. Anonymous says:

    I don’t have time for this.  HA BECAUSE…whoo…heh…time!

  82. mazzmn says:

    bleep bloop blip, like!

  83. Yakov Grinberg says:

    This looks gooooood.

  84. Lisa Thierbach says:

    Raises hand.

  85. MrRebeLs says:


  86. Jonathan Meyers says:

    Please pick me!!!  I have been wanting this clock for a while now… Please Please Please.  ….. Just saying..

  87. Craig LeBaron says:

    Pretty sweet looking clock kit

  88. Have any spambots won?  I mean those that churn out spam comments, and not the kind that make fantastic dinners from canned meat.

  89. Fidel Sierra says:

    I want this

  90. kevin sexton says:

    enter me, another cool clock kit

  91. Osaka Nagasaki says:



    end message
    stop message

  92. Anonymous says:

    This would be awesome on the night stand.

  93. Travis Dahl says:

    Interesting idea…

  94. Chris Krueger says:

    Looks good to me

  95. Zachary Anderson says:

    No comment

  96. Chris Krueger says:

    looks good to me

  97. Anonymous says:

    Yep, serious wantitude…

  98. Joey Bass says:

    This is awesome, count me in!

  99. this screams out for a radio hack

  100. David King says:

    I love the Evil Mad Scientists

  101. julie luhtala says:

    this is so cool! Would make a great present!

  102. Anonymous says:

    C’mon Lady Luck!

  103. Anonymous says:

    I’d love to hack one of these..

  104. Brooke Bizub says:

    I need a new clock!

  105. Anonymous says:

    Pick me! ;)

  106. Colin McGlothlin says:


  107. Anonymous says:

    Wow, bling time!

  108. sheldon bailey says:

    this is a cool kit!

  109. Glenn Langton says:


  110. Anonymous says:

    Come on guys! Time is running out to send me one of these FABULOUS prizes! :-P

  111. Erik Schmith says:

    Yet another really cook kit, would love to win one of these for my first project..

  112. Eric Morris says:

    Ooooooh, pretty colors!

  113. Jerry Scott says:

    What time is it?  Time to send me a clock . . .

  114. Creto De Cristo says:


  115. Jim Van Verth says:

    looks pretty cool, willing to give this one a try

  116. DakotaE says:

    Just watch, the winner of this is color blind……

  117. Anonymous says:

    Finally!  A real time machine I can build myself!

  118. Dan Long says:

    I want it!  Please?

  119. Gregor Holtz says:

    Anchors aweigh, bzzt!

  120. Valentin Ivanov says:

    That would be a great addition to my collection. :)

  121. Shawn Halli says:

    Yeah, my son would love to see this one in action

  122. Anonymous says:

    Excellent clock

  123. Anonymous says:

    Tell time with a shadow without doubt

  124. Daniel Shown says:

    I knew it… the illusion of time IS but a shadow.

  125. Brian Enigma says:

    This kit has been on my wishlist all year!

  126. It’s Time for me to win

  127. Fred Stone says:

    Cool clock. Yes, please!

  128. Anonymous says:

     Why are there so many ways of keeping time?!

  129. Anonymous says:

    Sweet, I love clocks!

  130. Anonymous says:

    Thats so cool with the virtual Hands and all!

  131. Allen Boehm says:

    ‘Bout time.

  132. One can never have too many clocks, but this one is quite unique!

  133. Eli Garlick says:

    that is the coolest thing i have ever seen!!!!!!

  134. Tinker Tank says:

    I could paint it orange and call it my clockwork orange. I want. 

  135. Jennifer Palmer says:

    Looks cool

  136. Anonymous says:

    Now we just need a kit for the sundial that cast shadows of a digital readout

  137. Yuchi Liu says:

    Nice kit, wishe I could get one.

  138. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like a great kit.

  139. kevin stephen says:

    What a cool idea! What a cool site!!

  140. Mike Krainin says:

    a cool clock design

  141. Benjamin Nitkin says:

    I saw one of these at a friend’s house. It looked so awesome, chugging away on a shelf.

  142. John Schuch says:

    It’s time for me to win something.

  143. Anonymous says:

    Fun to assemble? Yup. A great gift for someone once assembled? Oh yeah.

  144. Jason Mosack says:

    A favorite kit I’ve had on my wishlist for a while.

  145. George Stuart says:


  146. Anonymous says:

    nice clock

  147. Anonymous says:

    Would look good on the mantle.

  148. Anonymous says:

    Is it visible in a normally lit room?

  149. Anonymous says:

    Hammer time

  150. Janel G says:

    What a fun clock!

  151. Anonymous says:


  152. Anonymous says:


  153. Todd Walden says:


  154. Anonymous says:

    Awesome! I like it.

  155. Anonymous says:

    it looks so colorful

  156. Anonymous says:

    i want to win!!!

  157. James Carey says:

    I want towin more!!!

  158. Anonymous says:

    A comment

  159. do want, its an interesting fusion of old asthetics and modern efficiencies 

  160. John Doucet says:

    interesting use of LEDs  good conversation starter.

  161. Anonymous says:


  162. This is one cool clock!

  163. earthenwall says:

    cool idea, shadows for clock hands

  164. Chris Zagorski says:


  165. Alex Gorzen says:

    I love that idea! Nice colors too.

  166. Anonymous says:

    Maybe today is my day for the Bulbdial

  167. Anonymous says:

    Pretty sweet clock.

    Um, yeah you guys are going to have issues contacting users, but it’s your fault I think.

    As far as I can tell you don’t permit Facebook and Google logins (you only permit logins via Disqus, which has to be installed into Facebook or Google… and not everyone wants to share their private FB data with Disqus), and those who do “install” Disqus into their profile, they don’t want to maintain a public Disqus profile.

    I can be notified by replying to my comments, but I deliberately choose to leave my “Disqus profile” private and blank, and not linked to my private FB page.

    Unless you have a deal with Disqus where they are sponsoring this, I suggest you allow direct Favebook/Google logins, or, that you reply to the winners with “Please contact us”.

  168. Anonymous says:

    what time is it?

  169. Anonymous says:

    I’m in…

  170. Anonymous says:

    Very cool.

  171. Yay!  I think I definitely need to see it in-person.

  172. M. W. says:

    The display on this clock is so elegant!

  173. Ben Brandt says:

    Nice piece of engineering!

  174. Anonymous says:


  175. Tyler Hoyt says:

    This is a nice looking clock

  176. Chris Michael says:

    Yes, I want one.

  177. Anonymous says:

    I’m going to add a disco ball to mine.

  178. Philip Anderson says:

    That would look cool in my room.

  179. Matt says:

    What time is it?

  180. Anonymous says:

    Yes please. That would be fun to make and cool to have.

  181. Tony Sharpe says:

    Againg thanks for a cool way to introduce me to your products

  182. Anonymous says:

    I do need a new alarm clock…

  183. Anonymous says:

    Me please.

  184. Darian Lewis says:

    One entry please.

  185. Anonymous says:

    Hoping to win…

  186. That’s pretty awesome.

  187. Scott Bowden says:

    Pick me!

  188. Kevin Barry says:

    Evil Mad Scientist rocks!!

  189. Adam Hathaway says:


  190. Anonymous says:

    awesome clock!

  191. bderousse says:

    Would love to give this to my robotics team and replace the lights with blue, white, and red ones.

  192. Anonymous says:

    Count me in!

  193. fluxivit y says:

    that looks fun

  194. Anonymous says:

    Love all the cool clocks coming up

  195. Richard Lawler says:

    Nice kit!

  196. Ben Brockert says:

    Always a fan of Ironic Sans! And I still don’t see how you would contact anyone through Disqus, so I’ll mention that I am

  197. Anonymous says:

    i know what time it is.

  198. Ben Brockert says:

    Dupe, sorry.

  199. Lon Shapiro says:

    I love the concept and execution of this clock – excellent!

  200. Anonymous says:

    *putting my name in the hopper*

  201. Awesome clock. I’ve wanted one of these for a long time.

  202. Dan Pollack says:

    another cool clock

  203. Christy says:

    My 5 year old wants one for in his room.

  204. Anonymous says:

    I sorta have a problem with building too many clock kits, but why should I stop now?

  205. Anonymous says:

    This is one cool clock!

  206. I have yet to build a clock, so this seems like a good place to start.

  207. Ted Stauffer says:

    Want it. Need it. Gotta have it!

  208. Anonymous says:

    love this!!! would share it with my nephew…. he’s 10, and I’m distressed by the fact that kids are growing up without analog clocks. this would be the perfect aunt gift that we could build together. 

  209. Anonymous says:


  210. Andrew Thomas says:

    Cool Project, I bet my daughter would love this. 

  211. Bill Nye says:

    Neat Clock

  212. Eric Martin says:

    Me Want Make.

  213. Andrew says:

    This certainly looks nice.

  214. Michael Pechner says:

    Me Likey!

  215. James Jurack says:

    Don’t let Spades Slick tell you otherwise: clocks are rad.

  216. Jon says:

    “I like to go swimmin’ with bow-legged women …”

  217. Anonymous says:

    Negative space clock pretty good idea

  218. Anonymous says:

    if I change my name to ??? to I get all the unclaimed prizes?

  219. David Catlin says:

    This looks like a blast to build

  220. Bryant Pocock says:

    That’s pretty clever.

  221. Bill Griffith says:

    That would be lots of hoilday fun!

  222. That’s an awesome clock…

  223. Daniel Crooks says:


  224. Anonymous says:

    Looks cool!

  225. Peter Natale says:

    that would be really cool!  i wonder if my inability to comment on two of the givewaways was because i won and Disqus never notified me . . .

  226. Anonymous says:


  227. Anonymous says:

    It’s time I won.

  228. C Wright says:

    me wantee

  229. Anonymous says:

    This is cooler than the watch that was given away a few days ago.

  230. Erin Britz says:

    do want

  231. Parker Miner says:

    i want to give this to my daughter!

  232. Anonymous says:

    this is a very timely kit to build and brilliant

  233. Seth Winsor says:

    I want one

  234. Yup, Laith want! Looks like a fun kit.

  235. Something new to wake up to!

  236. Anonymous says:

    great timing

  237. Would make an AWESOME gift

  238. Hunter Scott says:

    I’ve always wanted one of these!

  239. Wow, never heard of this but it’s got a cool concept.

  240. Richard Holmes says:

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  241. Anonymous says:

    The Shadow Knows (what time it is).

  242. Calvin Cheema says:

    If I win, I intend to wear this as a watch, no matter how big it is.

  243. Anonymous says:


  244. Colin Aubrey says:

    Great kit to build..

  245. Anonymous says:

    One for my son, please.

  246. A clock with hands with no hands!

  247. Patrick Farrell says:

    i want i want

  248. Anonymous says:


  249. Anonymous says:

    This would be nice on my desk at work.

  250. David Ng says:

    My niece and I will have fun building this!

  251. Anonymous says:

    Pick me!

  252. Rob Colby says:

    Wonder if my wife would let me put this on our mantle…?

  253. Bill Peck says:

    its time for me to win

  254. Steve Huston says:

    Mmm.. I’ve got one of these on my wish list.  Pretty sure the kids haven’t saved up enough to get me one yet though :>

  255. Paul Ahlquist says:


  256. Kelly H says:

    Yay! I’ve wanted one of these for  a while now. Pick me!!

  257. This would be an awsome kit to make.  Would look so good on my nightstand!

  258. Keith Beard says:

    COLORED SHADOWS! Better than a double rainbow!

  259. Anonymous says:

    Crazy clock! Sundial? LEDial? Bulbdial!

  260. Sean Kimmle says:

    That is an awesome idea!

  261. Anonymous says:

    love this clock

  262. Anonymous says:

    Derp derp derp derp!

  263. Michael Masterson says:

    oh, please please… see? i’m very polite.

  264. Ralphe Wiggins says:

    No move parts – cool idea!

  265. Roel Lascano says:

    have been lusting for this…

  266. I’ve been lusting after this kit for a while.

  267. Eric Geldmacher says:

    Trying for the clock!

  268. Rachel Quist says:

    Love it!

  269. Laurence Doss says:

    Must have this.

  270. Rodney Peters says:

    Hey, did anybody see that eclipse this morning?

  271. Blake Miller says:

    Can I win at least once?

  272. garret madsen says:

    That’s actually really cool

  273. Chris Pilla says:

    Oooh, this would be nice.

  274. Daniel Lubitz says:

    Very cool clock. I would like to win (just like everyone else)!

  275. its TIME for a cool giveaway!

  276. its TIME for a cool giveaway!

  277. Andy Tanguay says:

    Looks like fun…time!

  278. Andy Tanguay says:

    Looks like fun…time!

  279. Anonymous says:

    Mmmmm….  Bulbey-dially, timey-wimey!

  280. Anonymous says:


  281. Matthew Wilson says:

    I’ve wanted one of these since I first saw it.  Very clever design.

  282. Anonymous says:

    This is such an awesome clock

  283. s hill says:

    pick me

  284. Woohoo, killer gift on this one!

  285. Even less of a chance of winning.

  286. Anonymous says:


  287. Albert Straub says:

    Clocks rock!

  288. Teresa Liao says:

    LED and dials! Woot.

  289. Anonymous says:


  290. this would be so cool to have

  291. I need another clock.

  292. Lori Refness says:

    Gotta love LED’s.

  293. Danielle Pershouse says:

    very cool!

  294. I love clocks. give it here

  295. Vrmithrax says:

    You guys have the coolest stuff!

  296. Anonymous says:


  297. Lochie Ferrier says:


  298. Anonymous says:

    The sunless sundial!

  299. Sean Hathaway says:


  300. Anonymous says:

    This looks cool.

  301. Thus, you will know the color of time.

  302. Anonymous says:


  303. Just finished   make: Ultimate Kit Guide
    great Magazine and great web site

  304. Anonymous says:


  305. Rohan Bhandari says:


  306. Anonymous says:

    I love REAL clocks!

  307. Rita Kirdahy says:


  308. no imagination tonigh

  309. Anonymous says:


  310. Anonymous says:


  311. David Baeza says:

    i need a new clock!

  312. Brandi says:

    I’ve liked the look of these for a long time now.

  313. Sean Lavery says:

    That’s been on my Do Want list for a while.

  314. Anonymous says:

    Clock me! (please)

  315. Randy Bredell says:

    cool time piece – analog/digital fusion!

  316. Carl Price says:

    Cool, looks like a great kit

  317. amine amri says:


  318. spdbmp says:

    A sundial that needs electricity!

  319. Anonymous says:

    I hope I win

  320. Stuart Guarnieri says:

    An analog/digital clock with lots of LEDs!  How cool is that!

  321. Mike Burr says:

    Nice way to tell time. ;-) 

  322. Mark T says:

    I love clock

  323. Ollus Cys'variness says:

    Just recently got into world of making (after years of lurking :P) So i guess…let’s try my chances:P 

  324. Anonymous says:

    want :)

  325. Anonymous says:

    This would go nicely with my TARDIS.

  326. Anonymous says:

    very cool

  327. Richard Van Dalsem says:

    What time is it?

  328. This is awsome… i would like to have one of those.

  329. William Stepler says:

    time is important and knowing it even more important

  330. Matt says:

    If only I could train my dog to read this clock and to wait till at least 8 am before licking my hand…

  331. Anonymous says:

    looks like fun.

  332. Shelly Brown-Elkins says:

    That is so cool!! I would love to win this!

  333. Joe Crop says:

    This is a very clever implementation.

  334. krys evans says:

    This looks cool.

  335. susie q says:

    would love to win this one!

  336. Vincent Chernesky says:

    Time to win!

  337. Anonymous says:

    This is fabulous!

  338. MAKE my holidays happier and enter me and pick me to win! :)

  339. Anonymous says:

    That’s a neat clock!

  340. Justin says:

    This would be cool!

  341. Anonymous says:

    Looks like a really cool kit. Can’t wait to get mine!

  342. Anonymous says:

    Looks like fun!

  343. Troy Gillette says:

    It’s a high-tech sundial!

  344. Anonymous says:

    Please Please Please.

  345. John Baird says:

    Time is on your side.

  346. Commentusly Commentable.

  347. Anonymous says:


  348. Anonymous says:


  349. Matt Dricker says:


  350. Blair R says:

    Tool Time!

  351. Mark Morton says:

    this clock rocks!

  352. That’s what I’m talking about!

  353. I wish someone would give me one of these for x-mas!

  354. Andrew Maxwell-Parish says:

    I dig it.

  355. Matt Chester says:

    This could help me be on time. 

  356. Christopher Cimiluca says:

    Time for me to win something.

  357. Rex Young says:

    mmmmm.  I’ve wanted a Bulbdial clock kit for a while.

  358. Ben Zuniga says:

    waking up to find free stuff is like time travel to christmas

  359. George Koehl says:

    yo cmi

  360. Joe says:

    Cool retro-style timekeeper- Love it!

  361. Ana Ondreicsik says:

    Nice Christmas present:)

  362. Tod Stetson says:

    This is such an awesome and unique kit.

  363. Anonymous says:

    I can feel it!

  364. Cody Freile says:

    Right here

  365. Anonymous says:

    Thanks you.

  366. David Ramos says:


  367. Sarah Brads says:

    Awesome! Pick me, please!

  368. James Hudson says:

    I love clocks.

  369. michael polk says:

    this looks cool!

  370. Anonymous says:


  371. Will Barrett says:

    Love to have one of these…

  372. Mark Welker says:

    I’d love to put one of those clock together

  373. Kyle Hord says:

    I love this clock!

  374. Imre Polik says:


  375. OK looks interesting.  I’m in.

  376. Anonymous says:


  377. mvsorola says:

    come on come on come on…

  378. Anonymous says:

    I would like this.

  379. George Dunn says:

    Even my face couldn’t stop this clock…

  380. Clocks are strangely interesting.

  381. Connie O says:

    Hope I win this one!

  382. Anonymous says:

    Anyone have the time?

  383. John Wolter says:

    I’ll take one.

  384. Anonymous says:

    Let there be clock!

  385. Jay Graves says:

    It would look nice on my desk.

  386. Roger Romani says:

    I like clocks

  387. Tom Lynham says:


  388. Gregory Lee says:

    I want to win this.

  389. Theron Trowbridge says:

    Cool!  I’ve been wanting one of these for a while now.

  390. Anonymous says:

    ticky tock

  391. Matthew says:

    Pick me and I’ll never ask for anything again…

  392. all my entries are made by me. :)

  393. Anonymous says:

    Looks like fun.

  394. Bob Funk says:

    I am fascinated by time and time pieces

  395. Anonymous says:

    Its about time I start winning

  396. Anonymous says:

    Is it time for me to win?

  397. Anonymous says:

    cool. i want one!

  398. Daniel Ray says:


  399. Jeff Anderson says:

    This would be awesome in my house!

  400. Kelly Hoops says:

    A wonderful curiosity for my grandkids to show to their kids in the year 2042.

  401. Anonymous says:


  402. Awesome Clock! I need one of these.

  403. Jimmy Brokaw says:

    Neat clock, please enter me.

  404. It would be amazing to wake up next to this beautiful clock.

  405. Greg Chambers says:

    Looks like a cool project

  406. quantum42 says:

    this is really cool! i want one!

  407. Wayne Jacobsen says:

    Looks cool. 

  408. What time is it?  It is time to win!

  409. Amazing looking clock. I would proudly display such a piece on my desk at work.

  410. Anonymous says:

    That might be right time to win…

  411. Tony Weiner says:

    tick tick tick tick

  412. Chris Arredondo says:


  413. Roy Griffith says:

    everyone needs a clock.

  414. Anonymous says:

    I’ve got time for this project. Sorry. All the other puns were used already.

  415. DK says:

    need one for my new desk

  416. Anonymous says:


  417. Michal Chamedes says:

    Does it jump up and down and sing in French?

  418. Rook751 says:

    I would love to get this kit!

  419. Shaun Graves says:


  420. If I won this, I would give it to my husband to put together. 

  421. Mike Douglas says:

    Really cool.  I’d stare at that for hours.

  422. Nilit Muley says:

    looks pretty awesome!

  423. Looks like a cool project

  424. Dave Brunker says:

    I wouldn’t mind having one.

  425. Anonymous says:


  426. Anonymous says:

    Very cool. Clock with phantom hands

  427. Kent Dirckx says:

    I hadn’t seen this before. Very neat.

  428. Marc Schaefermeyer says:

    1 out of 513 at the moment… not bad odds, considering….

  429. Zachary Hayward says:

    I will be checking my email….

  430. Mike McCloskey says:

    I need a new clock and this one is so cool

  431. Daniel Lamblin says:

    Clocking in

  432. AJ Lewis says:

    Very cool!

  433. Andy Slupe says:

    yes please, the one that tells time

  434. Dan says:

    I like clocks.

  435. John T says:

    Very nice

  436. Audie says:


  437. Tucker Wilson says:


  438. What time is it?  Time to WIN!

  439. Dan Anderson says:

    Nice! Another clock kit!

  440. Rick Beebe says:

    Bulbdial is a really cool idea.

  441. Justin Morgan says:

    Standard contest entry comment. Ensuring the prize is more creative than my comment…

  442. Kevin Bennett says:

    Looks really nice. Nice present too!

  443. Anonymous says:

    As usual, this kit looks awesome.

  444. brady wang says:

    This is one very cool product

  445. Anonymous says:

    foor your consideration

  446. Pierre-Olivier Gaillard says:

    Really fun clock!

  447. Rick Smith says:

    Awesome kit!

  448. Janice Jim says:

    Cool prize

  449. Jamie Crannell says:

    Just the clock I’ve been looking for!

  450. Matthew Coleman says:

    i could always use a new clock

  451. Anonymous says:


  452. Nathan Hunt says:

    Would like the lights to show me what time it is.  Wouldn’t you?

  453. Michael says:

    Great looking kit!

  454. Anonymous says:

    Looks fun!

  455. Adam Kavan says:

    I’ve always wanted one of these, but never was sure I could build it.

  456. Daniel Houghtaling says:

    A nice clock for a maker’s workshop…

  457. Anonymous says:


  458. Michal Wojewoda says:

    Does this clock tick?

  459. More McCormack says:

    Built one already.  Great kit and excellent documentation

  460. Setting time to 4:20,,,, and then reverse so it runs backwards.  Give as gift to kid at college.

  461. Gary Oshust says:

    Tic-tock and you don’t stop!

  462. used up all of my time jokes on the watch

  463. Rosalie Berg says:

    I like clocks!

  464. Anonymous says:

    Time to win one!

  465. Anonymous says:

    time to win

  466. John Walker says:

    I wonder how I could add snow to this….let me win and I will try.

  467. Anonymous says:

    Your mamma so hairy………Bigfoot takes pictures of her…….

  468. Peter Fleck says:

    Will put it together during the cold winter months.

  469. Stephen Cole says:

    It looks like it is still time to win a clock!

  470. Matt says:

    For once, I’m glad something is timed in PST.  I’m not too late!

  471. Kirt Stanke says:

    This is the coolest clock!

  472. Stacy Devino says:

    MUST HAVE FOR OFFICE! People claim to never know that the meeting started 5 min ago…..

  473. Anonymous says:

    I really want to win one of these. :)

  474. Lee Alder says:

    Cool clock!

  475. Anonymous says:

    Yippee Cai-yea!

  476. Scott M says:

    neat idea for a clock

  477. Lee Harding says:

    I could use a nice clock.

  478. Anonymous says:

    That’s really cool.

  479. My daughter would love this!

  480. Dean Ansley says:

    I would like to make a clock.

  481. Anonymous says:

    Tick tock. The mouse ran up the clock.

  482. Anonymous says:

    *crosses fingers*

  483. ME! Mina! ma! all me please!

  484. Anonymous says:

    This clocks rocks around

  485. Sean Voisen says:

    Throwing my hat in the ring.

  486. Robert Reznik says:

    One of these days…

  487. Justin R. Cutler says:

    I suppose I could make the time for this…

  488. Keep on commenting mama, commenting my blues away…

  489. Anonymous says:

    I’ve seen a completed version, looks great!

  490. Steve Shoyer says:

    looks like another fun kit!

  491. Kevin says:

    Tick tock you don’t stop.

  492. Anonymous says:

    cool, now I’ve left a comment

  493. Now preparing to do the time warp again!!

  494. john adkins says:


  495. Anonymous says:

    coolio! Want

  496. what a nice clock. its more like a toy for geeks…. soo fantastic

  497. James Heath says:

    neat neat neat – want one

  498. David Walker says:

    I want this !

  499. Victor Lee says:

    I want this!!

  500. Michael Rector says:

    Count me in! These are so cool!

  501. Anonymous says:

    That would look awesome with a hello kitty red bow!

  502. Tyler McGahee says:

    Very cool!

  503. Anonymous says:

    Interesting looking kit!

  504. Anonymous says:

    Time to win!!

  505. Anonymous says:

    Look Ma!  No Hands!

  506. Nick Lurski says:

    Its time for me to win

  507. Stephen Ried says:

    I want one

  508. Mike Bila says:

    This would be a cool kit to make with my son…

  509. Sarah Richardson says:

    This would be a cool project!

  510. Lann Owens says:

    Very cool

  511. I like it , I like it……..

  512. i want to be an evil mad scientist!

  513. Anonymous says:

    Very cool clock. Pick me please. Thank you.

  514. Anonymous says:

    This is a cool clock kit, I’d like to build it.

  515. David Kelly says:


  516. Joe Larson says:

    Comments still open? Cool, I’ll throw in my hand.

  517. Charles Hobbs says:


  518. Mike Camp says:

    I’ve wanted one of these.

  519. Rohit Wason says:

    Wow! In for one!

  520. Anonymous says:

    this is neat  even as a old guy

  521. John Sanderson says:

    Sweet looking kit.  Would be fun Dad/Kid project.

  522. Pretty neat. Wonder how much ambient light affects being able to read it though.

  523. Robert Gilley says:

    hmmmm a clock

  524. Bennett Benson says:

    This looks like a nice kit

  525. Mason Vail says:

    That’d look sweet on my desk.

  526. Anonymous says:

    Looks awesome!

  527. Ralphe Wiggins says:

    Always wanted to build my own clock. Great idea!

  528. This is awesome, love giveaways 

  529. UsingLight says:

    It’s time to win this baby!

  530. Anonymous says:

    Looks like a fun kit.

  531. Timothy Gray says:

    This is a very cool design, Hope I Win one!

  532. Dan Sayre says:

    Hello Kitty meets Phineas & Ferb

  533. Anonymous says:

    cool bulb clock

  534. Justin Eltoft says:

    hammer time!

  535. Anonymous says:

    Would love to win this.

  536. joseph wheeler says:

    sweet. That one awesome clock

  537. oooh, we need another clock….

  538. Anonymous says:

    Excuse me; do you have the time?

  539. I could use a clock. And that one is amazing.

  540. Eric Slack says:

    I’ve wanted one of these since I first read about them on Make.  Wish I could comment more than once!

  541. Kristina Panos says:

    that is so awesome!  *drool*

  542. Anonymous says:

    Living in a dark cave, I am fascinated by these concepts of light, shadow, and time.

  543. shmdesigns says:

    It’s time to win

  544. Anonymous says:

    day 2?

  545. Derek Reed Martin says:


  546. Michael Burr says:

    Sign me up!

  547. Maybe a better name for the clock would be a fundial….

  548. roberto says:

    If this is still open, sign me up.

  549. Barry Briggs says:

    Yes interesting clock, sign me up.

  550. Mary says:

    I made a she clock,winning the bulbdial clock could be my he clock they could hang on my wall til their time is up!

  551. Anonymous says:

    Commenting is closed for this thread. Please move along (to the next giveaway.)