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Yoonjo Choi of ITP took an old typewriter and harnessed its power of nostalgia to flip through projections of old photographs that have sentimental value to her.

A typewriter already has an interface that makes you want to push the many buttons and turn the handle where paper is supposed to roll in or out. I wish to joint these points with flex or force sensors and have them connected to a monitor. On the monitor there will be a old photo displayed. However, you can only see the photo when you type into the typewriter at a certain rate. For example, if you type less than five letters within ten seconds you will only get a vague outline of the photo. If you type more than five and less than ten letters it gets a bit more crisp, and so forth.

The way the stills flip through quickly on the typewriter’s paper as she advances the typewriter has a particularly magical effect. The project draws attention to the photos in a way that a digital slideshow or picture frame cannot.