Gift Guide: En Masse

Whether you have a bunch of lovely co-workers (as I do!), a gaggle of cousins, or just want to gift everyone in your book club, here are some ideas for quick and easy mass gifts.
Gathered Scarf:
Our own Brookelynn’s amazing gathered scarf tutorial will allow you to keep your friends warm and stylish all winter long.
Citrus Curd:
In the dark of winter, citrus offers a taste of sunshine. Whip up a batch of tasty lemon, grapefruit, or lime curd following these recipes for citrus curd three ways on Good Life Eats.
Tiny knits:
Don’t have time to knit anything? Yes, you do! Try some of Mochimochi Land’s tiny knitted things.
Impress everyone on your list with this tasty Mexican chocolate truffle recipe.
I’ve got a bottle of limoncello quietly infusing on top of my kitchen cabinets, but there are dozens of intriguing homemade liqueurs you can make!

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