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The Opena case is the brainchild of Melbourne area makers Robert Ward and Chris Peters. Besides protecting your handset from the occasional ding, it’s also handy with liberating the contents of bottled beverages.

Adam Flaherty

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  1. Gus Huebner says:

     what better place to put you 500 dollar phone, then right next to the mouth of a bottle of pressurized liquid, while your likely drunk. also, i dont think it is a good idea to use the iphone as a lever, that is not what they are made for.

  2. Jelle Boomstra says:

    Typical product of inventors disease: combining things that have no synergy at all. Combining two random things does not make you an inventor, if you style it up (like this one) it is still a quite useless product.
    Real inventions solve one real world problem and solve it good. There is no real problem called ‘opening a bottle with your iphone’ /methinks, nor ‘holding your iphone in the same hand while opening a bottle’.
    It looks sleek though.