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Here’s a glimpse from last week’s Make: Tokyo Meeting #07 at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Held over the December 3rd weekend, this Tokyo Maker Faire featured 260 makers, and hosted 12,800 visitors over the two days.

A workshop in the Craft zone.

Throngs of people inside the main building.

Inokuma, the roaming robot.

TELESCOPE & Battery Girl on stage.

A nixie tube clock.

Ultrafactory, another ambulatory robot.

DIY Drones quad copter.

Steam locomotive ride.

If you went to the Make: Tokyo Meeting, please share your stories (and pics) with us in comments.

For more, Dangerous Prototypes has a roundup of their Make Tokyo Meeting 07 coverage:

Sabrina Merlo

Sabrina is the Maker Faire Program Director. She works on stage content for the flagship fairs (Bay Area & New York), and also runs Maker Faire’s licensing program for locally and independently produced “Mini” Maker Faires. She also co-creates the East Bay Mini Maker Faire in her town, Oakland, CA.

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