Anti-Theft Car Seat Identifies Driver With 360 Sensors @ Mobile Magazine.

With all the advances in technology, anti-theft measures for automobiles really haven’t moved along at the same pace. If someone steals your car remote, they can get in, start your car, and drive off with it. There has to be a better way to protect your vehicle from theft and that’s exactly why some researchers in Japan have come up with a way to use your butt as a protective measure.

98% accurate for identifying drivers.

  • Andy Callaway

    Surely a fingerprint reader on the steering wheel would be more effective.

    • http://vrandy.myopenid.com/ VRAndy

      In cold/snowy parts of the world, It’s pretty common to drive with gloves on.

  • http://vrandy.myopenid.com/ VRAndy

    98% accurate?

    Is that a 2% chance that this will not defeat a crook?  (Good.)
    Or is that a 2% chance that I won’t be able to start my own car? (Bad.)

    • Anonymous

       “yo! youse 100 guys …g’over here!  uh… ralphie! you’re the ‘legal owner’ of this here test seat, right? si’down.  [type type…] ok, the seat is set for your ugly butt.  number #2 – sit!”   and after all had sat, and many butt related jokes were said, only one other (“raoul”) had a butt like unto ralphie’s:  “98% accurate”.

    • http://rahere.livejournal.com/ Rahere

      Which translates as one hell of a lot of stranded  customers waiting for one hell of a lot  of engineers, with corresponding bills. That’s if you happen to carry around ID. What about the guy who’s picked up a load of change in his pockets, or is on a diet, or – the list is endless.
      As the risk of your car being stolen outside just one or two crime areas is much lower than 2%, the cure’s worse than the problem. Put it down as another of the Edison 300.

  • http://twitter.com/SquittersTweet Archibald Tuttle

    No thanks! Doesn’t convince me. However, my car is so old I would pay a thief…