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  • Anonymous

    This is exactly the sort of project I think would be perfect for the Make/RadioShack interaction. There’s room for a ‘minimal’, ‘nice’ and a ‘wow’ multimeter. They’re all parts RadioShack -should- be carrying anyway (other than the plastic shell).

    Selling the kit directly next to a prefabbed version tends to work fine (as the prices and time commitment balance that out). But by doing this one can potentially end up with -commercial- products that are actually repairable and easily improvable (since the schematics and part numbers aren’t deliberately removed.)

  • Anonymous

    I’d be up for one, but haven’t heard anything beyond Dave’s EEVblog post.  I think he got it right in terms of priorities, but if it was fairly modular in design, then folks can do their own flavors at will.  Anybody know if there are any actual designs done yet?  

  • Steven Larson @ Top 10 Multimeters

    This open source multimeters sounds so cool, i am definitively in if it ever gets made with whatever i can do to help.