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I love giving handmade for birthdays and holidays, but I always seem to have a hard time coming up with good gift ideas for the guys on my list. I like my gifts to be both personalized and useful, so I’m really excited about this emergency car kit tutorial that Megan Reardon (of Not Martha fame) shared on Holidash. This is definitely my new go-to gift for the guy who has it all!

Haley Pierson-Cox

Haley Pierson-Cox

Brooklyn-based DIY from a Gal in Granny Glasses

  • Ivory

    I’d also suggest adding to the kit a toothbrush and spair t-shirt and chonies. Comes in very handy if your car breaks down and you have to unexpectedly stay the night at a friends house……..not that that’s ever happened to me…..numerous times….