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  1. I can’t imagine a cat being so dumb as to fall for a hamster wheel.

    1. AndyL says:

      What do you mean “Fall for”? That looks like fun.

  2. Memetican says:

    Nice. Should build a much bigger one for the gym; it looks a lot more fun than a regular treadmill. Maybe even glue some obstacles to the thing. Aaaagh a Tree!

    1. Ha ha! That’s an excellent idea.

  3. Harry Joseph says:

    In my experience a cat’s interest in a toy you provide varies inversely with the amount of trouble you went to. Your cat seems a rare exception. Or did you leave out the part about the catnip?

  4. This thing is just begging for the full Stargate treatment.

  5. Kotukunui says:

    We have a children’s playground park here in Hamilton, New Zealand that has a full size one of these for kids to play in. They love it. There is always a queue of kids waiting to give it go. Tough teenagers, brace themselves against the walls and do complete somersaults inside it like some sort of learner’s circus “German Wheel”

  6. Matthew says:

    this is the ideal toy for a bengal cat… i am looking at building one atm and woul;d love to talk with you about your design

    1. Casual Observer says:

      An alternative Cat Wheel design can be found at:
      How to Build a Cat Exercise Wheel

  7. Carol says:

    This is fantastic! I’ve seen videos of cats playing on these. Of course owner interaction is required. Shining a laser on the inside would be enough to motivate them. Would you be willing to shar the plans?

  8. says:

    Great workmanship!