Dr. Sanjay Gupta, of CNN, came to the MAKE HQ in Sebastopol today. He got to meet our team of interns and see our work at Make: Labs. He and I recorded an interview and we did several demos of making in action for the program. Dr. Gupta, who is a surgeon, said that he was a tinkerer as a kid and wished he had more of it in school. So, safe to say, Sanjay understood what’s happening at MAKE. We did the Squishy Circuits project and the Supercap racer as well as showcasing the MakerBot printer and other tools we use in the lab. Gupta met the students of the Project: Make class, which were in session. He could see how excited students were to be engaged in the process of making.

I showed Dr. Gupta old torn copies of Popular Mechanics and how MAKE is an updated version of what those old magazines once offered. When I said that today’s hackers were much like those tinkerers in the past — wanting to know how things work and taking them apart to do new things with them — he understood what we meant by “hacking.” He said that even as a surgeon, he needs to be able to hack tools. I was especially proud to show Dr. Gupta the current “DIY Superhuman” issue of MAKE, which features surgical roboticist, Carol Reilly and many cool projects that involve science and making.

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Dr. Gupta is the host of the The Next List on CNN and an episode of the show about MAKE and me will air on CNN Sunday, February 12th, 2pm EST.

Read Dale’s article How to Make More Makers on the CNN website.

Dale Dougherty

Dale Dougherty

I’m founder of MAKE magazine and creator of Maker Faire, which are produced by Maker Media, where I’m Executive Chairman. I am also Chairman of the Maker Education Initiative (www.makered.org).

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  • John Baichtal

    So awesome!

  • http://boing.bong Miroslava von Schlockbaum

    oh man…. gupta now? what does that pill pusher have to do with the DIY/Make community. the makezine website is really starting to lose it. time to rename this site “syfy” i’m afraid.

  • http://www.eddey.com Gary Eddey

    Great summary of your interview!

  • http://twitter.com/monopole monopole (@monopole)

    I really wish you aspired to Popular Electronics instead

  • Daniel

    Here’s a great idea. Maybe you should get Jay Leno to come and talk about his cars.

    But seriously, Make shouldn’t be entertaining corporate shills for the heathcare industry.

  • Tom

    I am encouraged that Make is turning up in different areas. This piece could spark the interest of the next maker….the kid that changes the world for the better……

    Kids change the world, none of us would be here without (being) one.

    Well done Dale, I look forward to seeing the piece.

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  • Caleb Robertson

    Awesome stuff now just bring it to the southeast. Make labs headquarters and faires are far away from here. I think it would be really cool to have it over here.