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Drone Pilot Discovers River of Meat Blood

A Dallas drone hobbyist was flying his rig around one bright Texan afternoon, scouting the skies, when he hovered across something perturbing: an enormous, oozing river of blood behind a meatpacking plant.

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This was one of our predictions for 2012, not the rivers of blood, but drones being used by “citizen journalists” more and more – I think this is a good example, even if accidental. My friend Johngineer posted up a great list of “The future of Drones”.

  • kip

    More documentation please!

  • trkemp
  • Daniel Kim
  • skr

    Aren’t there some privacy concerns regarding this? I dont think this would apply in this case, but iirc there are flight elevation floors and flight restrictions over residential neighborhoods.

    • Alan Dove

      Flight floor rules are safety regs, not privacy regs, and they apply only to full-size piloted aircraft, not small RC models.

  • Craig

    Depending on the resolution of the images in that area, (rural or urban) wouldn’t Google Earth show the same thing? In some areas Google Earth images barely make a house visible, but in my area I can see the power lines going to my garage and my grill on my patio. There obviously has been a cesspool burm built years ago for this runoff. It has been going on for years.