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Drone Pilot Discovers River of Meat Blood

A Dallas drone hobbyist was flying his rig around one bright Texan afternoon, scouting the skies, when he hovered across something perturbing: an enormous, oozing river of blood behind a meatpacking plant.

Pt 353-1

This was one of our predictions for 2012, not the rivers of blood, but drones being used by “citizen journalists” more and more – I think this is a good example, even if accidental. My friend Johngineer posted up a great list of “The future of Drones”.

6 Responses to NEWS FROM THE FUTURE – Drone Pilot Discovers “River of Meat Blood”

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  1. More documentation please!

  2. Aren’t there some privacy concerns regarding this? I dont think this would apply in this case, but iirc there are flight elevation floors and flight restrictions over residential neighborhoods.

  3. Depending on the resolution of the images in that area, (rural or urban) wouldn’t Google Earth show the same thing? In some areas Google Earth images barely make a house visible, but in my area I can see the power lines going to my garage and my grill on my patio. There obviously has been a cesspool burm built years ago for this runoff. It has been going on for years.

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