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This “Spoka” lamp from Ikea has been hacked with an ATtiny2313 and an RS232 bluetooth module, enabling you to control the lamp with an Android phone.

Originally, the lamp has 2 modes, that you can select with a switch at the top (which can also turn it off):

1. slowly change between the 3 available colours (blue, red and orange) while dimming the intensity
2. keep the same colour and intensity

The “obvious” hack would be to be able to customize the patterns of light that it can display. Another one would be to make it able to synchronize to some random music.

However it occurred to me that both this “mods” and plenty of others could be easily achieved by making the lamp controllable remotely, and then “simply” sending whatever pattern we want from the controlling device. This way we offload the logic to some more powerful device.

[Via Ikea Hackers]

John Baichtal

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  2. trandi says:

    Glad you guys liked it !

    I’d love some feedback and ideas on the eventual improvements.
    Especially what to synchronise it to, on the Android side…

    Don’t hesitate to leave a comment on my post


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