News From The Future-3

Pt 583

LCD-equipped ‘smart recycle bins’ showing up on London streets @ DVICE:

The gadget: bomb-proof recycle bins with dual-screen LCDs.
The info on the screens: Stuff only business folk would enjoy, like London stock exchange numbers and content from The Economist.
The total cost to install: About $47,000 for 25 smart bins.
The future: London wants to install 75 more of these high-tech trash cans by before the 2012 London Olympics..

The Daily Mail has more… I suppose there are sensors in there that are doing things like detecting pollution, harmful substances, etc, etc ?

  • Andrew

    I think these ‘smart’ bins are basically just normal bins with 2 large LCD advertising screens stuck on the side – the travel/tube information screen would be useful.
    Atleast they’re large and privately funded.

  • Wilson!

    I have a set of tamper-resistant fastener bits -wonder how long it’d take to “liberate” the screens . . .