• Loren Skagen

    I love MAKE Magazine – and I have a digital subscription for 3 reasons – (a) save a tree, (b) can print out select pages for use when “making” and (c) it is much cheaper than the printed version of MAKE Magazine. However, since I think the PTB (powers that be) at MAKE don’t want bad eggs to steal the online mag instead of buying it at the newsstand – online subscribers must wait upwards of 2+ weeks to get the link the digital version of the new magazine. I do not like that. I want my MAKE Mag now, not in a few weeks. Please send me the link. Please. – Loren, from snowy Iowa.

    • Loren Skagen

      I am just changing the email for replies…nothing substantial here to read…Cheers!

  • Goli Mohammadi

    Hi Loren,

    Thanks for subscribing! The latest issue is posted at http://make-digital.com as soon as it’s ready. Check there to see the latest issue as soon as it’s available. You should be able to log in with your e-mail address, even without the subscription link.