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You probably all remember Printrbot, the quick-build, low-cost 3D printer design from Brook Drumm that took Kickstarter by storm, last year. Brook’s stated funding goal for the project was $25,000, and it ended up netting more than $830,000.

Since that time, unsurprisingly, Brook has been a very busy man. Saturday we got the interesting news that he has officially published the first set of printable Printrbot parts on Thingiverse. There are eight of them. So far, the only instructions about how to put them together, however, seem to be in this Flickr set. You can follow Printrbot’s progress at Brook’s official blog.


Sean Michael Ragan

I am descended from 5,000 generations of tool-using primates. Also, I went to college and stuff. I write for MAKE, serve as Technical Editor for MAKE magazine, and develop original DIY content for Make: Projects.



  1. You said physibles! Trying to slip that into the vernacular eh? :)

    1. Sean Ragan says:

      For sure! It’s also a really handy word. Before it, the language of 3D printable object data was a bit sparse, with people using words like “things” and “files” and “models.” “Physibles” came around at just the right time, IMHO.

      Plus there’s the possibility of adjectival usage: “That particular object has been made physible.”

      And of negation: “So far, that topology has proven inphysible using fused-filament processes.” =]

  2. Bill Sampson says:

    There are some great assembly instructions (not yet complete) at

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