I’ve been meaning to do some tests with this relatively new technique for creating flexible parts on the laser cutter. I’ve been meaning to build a new project box for my Arduino. Oomlaut beat me to both!

Ever since we came across this amazing technique for laser cutting hinges we’ve been thinking about what we could do with it. Our initial result is a slightly modified version of our Project Box for Arduino (ADBO), with the bolt rounded corners replaced by lovely plywood arcs. We’re really excited about what’s possible with this technique and will experment further. However if you’d like to make one of these boxes please find the various required files below:

Want to Make Your Own:
On thingiverse (thingiverse.com)
Parts Outline (dxf)
Mechanical Reference (pdf)
More Files and Formats (thingiverse.com)

Bendy Corner Arduino Box at Oomlaut 

John Edgar Park

John Edgar Park

John Edgar Park likes to make things and tell people about it. He works at Disney Research and writes for Make and Boing Boing. He is training for American Ninja Warrior. You can find him at jpixl.net and twitter @johnedgarpark — if you like that sort of thing.

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