martha Stewart paper lanterns.jpg
Martha Stewart’s paper lanterns are such a breath of fresh air.

Meg Allan Cole

Meg Allan Cole

DIY guru

  • Sandra Workman

    Want to learn how to make these!! Please let me know at the above email

  • Valar

    Its fabulous.. Would be really great if u can share on how to make it..

  • Meg Allan Cole

    As with ALL of our blog posts featuring other blogger’s or crafter’s projects, we include the link to the original project so as to give credit where credit is due. Simply click on the link of the name of the website and that will take you to the original tutorial. Thanks so much!

  • Madison

    oooh these are pretty! I bought some small LED Wholesale Light-Up paper Lantern in a set that I found on and I was looking to add some extra flair to them. This is what I will do. Great idea and thank you for sharing this project I’m in love. I’m going to try and make them in pink colors for a new babys room.

  • Spencer James

    I really like these decorative lanterns. The colors are very appealing to me and unique. I just wish their were some instructions on how to make them. Not for me of course, but for my wife. She loves crafty things like this!
    Spencer James |