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  1. Sam Houston says:

    At first I thought it said Googlevision. I was excited and afraid.

    1. Mexoplex says:

      i think they did that on purpose. Archibald has it right.

    2. Keith says:

      Same here! Very cool vid, next step is having it pick up the phone you left at home and fly it to you.

  2. It’s called FPV (First Person View).

  3. ameyring says:

    Cool! I would do the same thing using an RC car to explore woodchuck holes.

  4. Shrike says:

    As Archibald above said, it’s called FPV and the gear is surprisingly cheap. If you skip the extremely expensive goggles and go with a cheap 7″ car TV or something similar you can get a 900MHz or 2.4GHz transmitter, receiver and a camera around $75

  5. Ken says:

    What a FAT house!

    1. yachris says:

      If by FAT you mean AWESOME, I couldn’t agree more!

    2. Michael Knight says:

      Actually, that’s “phat” …

  6. Trevor says:

    Good friend of mine check out some of his other videos
    he does some fantastic fpv flying ..

  7. Scott Edwards says:

    Incredibly cool. I frequently have the recurring “flying” dream and now to think I could just get something like this… well, just awesome that dreams do come true! Some how, some way I’m going to do this.

  8. Mark Lawson says:

    OK, OK, I’m sold, where are the plans? I want two for tag!!!!