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If you’d like to take a crack at anodizing your titanium camping gear, try submerging it in Coca-Cola and running 20v-100v through across it. This can be achieved using 9v batteries and a little patience. Depending on the voltage applied, you can transition between Bronze, Blue, Light blue, Yellowish, Purple, Cyan, and Green. [via hackaday]

Adam Flaherty

Adam Flaherty

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7 Responses to Anodize Titanium with Common Ingredients

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  1. Interesting technique, but I must correct an error. One does not “run” voltage “through” anything. Voltage – across, current – through.

  2. I recognize that titanium spork! :)

  3. Shotgunner on said:

    ummm… plain ole salt water works. You just need ions to make the water conductive.

    The concept of daisy chained 9 volt batteries is clever and doable by everyone.

  4. watermark on said:

    Can this be done with other metals, like Aluminum?

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