From our friends at Jalopnik:

One gun-totin’ Chevy Volt owner responded to Newt Gingrich’s claim that “you can’t put a gun rack in a Volt” in the best way possible. He built a gun rack and put it in his own Volt.

Politics aside, is there anything PVC can’t do?

via You Actually Can Put A Gun Rack In A Chevy Volt, Newt Gingrich.

Jake Spurlock

Jake Spurlock

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  • Halfvast Conspirator (@halfvastcnsprtr)

    It doesn’t have a “Goat Ropers Need Love Too” bumper sticker though

    • democratsarefascists

      Only an idiot would put a gun rack in a car that catches fire in your garage, anyway.

      • TheDon125

        You may want to read up on modern battery technology, democratsarefascists. Lithium batteries are now made using chemicals that can be eaten (lithium, iron, phosphate), and inert enough that they can be run through a shredder and not combust.

      • John Thomas McDole (@jtmcdole)

        No consumer volts have caused a fire.

  • engineerzeroo

    It’s ironic how certain political types associate gasoline with individualism and independence. In another oil crisis, electric car owners will be able to charge off the electricity generated by rooftop solar panel arrays, while we can wish owners of gas guzzlers good luck with installing derricks and refineries in their backyards.

    • democratsarefascists

      Right up until their house burns down.

      • roadwarrior08

        Just ignore democratsarefascists – he thinks electricity is just a passing fad. Just biding his time till the whale oil market recovers.

  • Harvey S. Cohen

    Wouldn’t a rail gun be more appropriate for a Volt?

    • Jake Spurlock

      That’s a fantastic idea…

    • John Thomas McDole (@jtmcdole)

      I’ve had a couple of people suggest it. I’ll let you know when I get one put together! Another idea was the Cthulhu of all tasers for crowd control – you’ve got a built in battery.

  • AeroTITAN

    I was a big fan of using PVC for projects until I learned more and more about the lifecycle costs. I used it for everything from exercise equipment to mobile computer workstations to vertical gardening. But the toxicity of the plasticizers and chlorine, both on the environment and the body made me stop cold. Europe has made leaps and bounds in banning this material.

    Want to make millions? Invent a material this easy to use, this cheap, this plentiful, this strong, but without the toxic lifecycle costs.

    • democratsarefascists

      Well said, but first we need get off of these car batteries. The toxic spew from producing batteries for Volts and the Prius is killing thousands of Chinese workers every year.

  • phredt

    The one thing – the ONLY thing – you can’t make out of PVC… is love.

  • Religion-Science-Art-Industry

    Where do you put the dead elk? In the iPod dock?