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Here’s a fun and stylish project you can make from discarded RC car parts and dollar store laser pointers: an Arduino-powered laser clock. Using easily sourced parts, including a Blanda Blank stainless steel salad bowl from IKEA, over-blogger @ Zouliv wired up a couple of lasers to an Arduino to tell time. The left hand tells time by the hour and the hand on the right by the minute. Schematic and suggested hour/minute decal placement are available here. [via IKEAHacker]

Adam Flaherty

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  1. That’s an interesting project but unfortunately it doesn’t show the time in the normal way:

    Also, I find that the Arduino sucks at keeping time. A nice side project to this would be to use and ethernet shield with a ntp client on the arduino to keep the time in sync.

    1. rich says:

      You can get very accurate timekeeping out of the arduino by calibrating it. That’s how your digital watch keeps good time— through calibration.