NYC Resistor’s Trammell Hudson is playing around with creating 3D images out of sliced .STLs from Thingiverse. Love it!

While uploading a model to thingiverse, I noticed an ultra cute Cthulhu and had to print it immediately on the Makerbot at NYC Resistor. Then I had an idea that the same process that generates the gcode shells for the makerbot could be used to generate slices that could be cut on the laser cutter.

Trammell sized the design in ReplicatorG, then used Skeinforge to slice the STL into layers, setting the slice thickness to match the 3mm acrylic.

Laser Slicing

John Baichtal

John Baichtal

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  • MauiJerry

    If you have a Mac, check out Autodesk’s free 123DMake
    It does similar things but adds neat feature of making press-fit slots based on material thickness and kerf. This allows you to make 3d models with less material. I have successfully recycled shipping boxes using this tool and my Epilog Helix.