Inspired by by XKCD #88, Instructables user Kiteman set out to make his own Möbius strip wristband, by the obvious method: Cutting a silicone wrist band, flipping one end over, and gluing it back together.  He tried out various adhesives before settling on Gorilla Glue.  I would also want to experiment with a silicone-based adhesive like Devcon 12045.  Also, FWIW, it’s not expensive to have custom debossed silicone wristbands made, even in single-digit quantities.

What Would Escher Do?


Sean Michael Ragan

Sean Michael Ragan

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  • gaijintendo

    Cut that down the middle, along its length will give you two interlocking bands. You can try it with a bit of paper if you are not sure!

    • gaijintendo

      Actually, you do have to do that… but twice. Which will mean a very thin, very large wristband interlocked with another.

      • gaijintendo

        Actually, you get two interlocking mobius strips.

  • dasnarkyone

    Ran out of ideas?

  • Dynamodan

    Owww. That would be uncomfortable.

  • Friv

    That would be uncomfortable.