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Motorists won’t mess with you. Pedestrians won’t step in front of you. It looks like the chainsaw on this Russian rig spins the front wheel so you won’t even have to do much pedaling. I suppose the designer could have taken the chain off the chainsaw and still used the engine, but that would have taken a lot of the danger/fun out of it.

Russian Cyclo Innovation


Jake Spurlock

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  1. rocketguy1701 says:

    Well, you’ll stay healthy biking through the zombie apocalypse…

  2. Tom says:

    Mmmm, a lung full of two stroke exhaust!

  3. ka1axy says:

    Da, what’s not to like!

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  5. Alan Dove says:

    Also great for taking shortcuts through the woods.

  6. Magnus Bombus says:

    Truely fantastic!

    1. says:

      In Russia, chainsaw drives you!! No wait….

  7. itmustbeken says:

    Time to ride with the hipsters!

  8. GopherT says:

    I tried to use a chainsaw engine before and they have no torque unless they are really reving. I have trouble believing it will move a 150 lb person from a start so the rear wheel drive is very necessary and cannot be disabled. It is likely a bump start to get the engine running but I don’t see a clutch if the rider wants to disengage. Finally, take a close look at the front forks. It looks like the holes drilled into them for the motor mounting hardware caused them to buckle.

  9. skiffbj says:

    So, old two wheel drive found it’s way to bikes, awesome!!!!!!!

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  11. colin says:

    pretty safe.oh wait……

  12. RobitJ says:

    On the upside, this a hybrid bicycle.

  13. ThinkAboutIt says:

    I think you all have it backwards. Most likely the front tire drives the chainsaw.

    1. Douglas Fir says:


  14. skm says:

    adds new meaning to “cutting through traffic”…