YouTube user omiateeful scavenged a variable-speed treadmill that his next-door neighbors were throwing away and turned it into a heavy-duty standing belt sander that he uses all the time. He had the custom sanding belt made for $18, and he outfitted the sander with a granite table and a vacuum at the back end for sucking up dust. “It’s very powerful; you can’t stop it.”

Also see his retracting faucet, which looks like a James Bond prop. Also smooth!

Paul Spinrad

Paul Spinrad

Paul Spinrad is a broad-spectrum enthusiast, writer, maker, and dad who lives in San Francisco. He hatches schemes at

  • arigger

    This is a great sander! Some time ago I built a Chispito wind power generator [Make vol. 5]. The instructions suggest using a treadmill motor [the mounts and flywheel are already attached]. It didn’t occur to me until after I was almost done that I could have used the treadmill I found as a sanding belt for shaping the windmill blades.

  • Blake Thomas

    Neat faucet, but I think too slow to be useful, imagine having to wait for it every time you needed a glass of water or something.
    But I think it could be made a lot faster.

  • sk8sonh2o

    Get a thinner girlfriend in no time at all with the SlimSander! Great for doctor’s offices, too! And that faucet rewinds your VHS tapes in no time!

  • Michael Stephens

    Nice granite, nice mechanism.. terrible faucet.

  • mwilliamhunter

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