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YouTube user omiateeful scavenged a variable-speed treadmill that his next-door neighbors were throwing away and turned it into a heavy-duty standing belt sander that he uses all the time. He had the custom sanding belt made for $18, and he outfitted the sander with a granite table and a vacuum at the back end for sucking up dust. “It’s very powerful; you can’t stop it.”

Also see his retracting faucet, which looks like a James Bond prop. Also smooth!

paul spinrad

Paul Spinrad

I’m a broad-spectrum enthusiast, writer, editor (Wired, MAKE), maker, and dad who lives in San Francisco and hatches schemes at



  1. arigger says:

    This is a great sander! Some time ago I built a Chispito wind power generator [Make vol. 5]. The instructions suggest using a treadmill motor [the mounts and flywheel are already attached]. It didn’t occur to me until after I was almost done that I could have used the treadmill I found as a sanding belt for shaping the windmill blades.

  2. Blake Thomas says:

    Neat faucet, but I think too slow to be useful, imagine having to wait for it every time you needed a glass of water or something.
    But I think it could be made a lot faster.

  3. sk8sonh2o says:

    Get a thinner girlfriend in no time at all with the SlimSander! Great for doctor’s offices, too! And that faucet rewinds your VHS tapes in no time!

  4. Nice granite, nice mechanism.. terrible faucet.

  5. mwilliamhunter says:

    I am a big fan of Bosch Belt Sander. I always prefer Bosch on other brands. My favorite shop is:

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