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Pop-Top Lamp Shade

Sean Ragan made a new version of his Pop Top Lamp Shade, but this time, in rainbow colors!

I used factory-anodized color pull-tabs to get a “rainbow” effect. Which seemed like the best way to show off the “hey you can use the tabs as pixels, too” idea. Some of these I gathered myself but mostly I bought them from crazy people who collect them and sell them on eBay.

Arduino LED Fuel Gauge

After Jonathan Williams’ 1974 Dodge Dart went over a pothole, the fuel gauge stopped working. He was on verge of buying an aftermarket replacement that he wasn’t too thrilled about, when he had a moment of clarity.

I had one of them in an online shopping cart, ready to click “complete purchase” and sacrifice $50 and the analog soul of my car, when it hit me: “Hey, am I a maker, or not?” So I abandoned ship and decided to make a fuel gauge myself that would be cheaper and better than one purchased off the shelf.

Simple Bass Amp Stand

“The Breakmaker” posted instructions for making a simple tilt-back bass amp stand out of plywood.

The “Beer Perch”

Freddie the one-year-old parakeet needed a stable, good-looking perch. Luckily, his owner, Ben, built him a lovely one using beer bottles, a dowel, and some wire.

Laura Cochrane

Laura Cochrane

I’m an editor at MAKE and CRAFT. I like hiking, biking, and etymology.

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    Woohoo! Thanks, Laura! =)

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