Jason Welch built this lovely CNC from MicroRAX t-slot beams with Lego bricks for the linear paths. See the video’s notes for some notes on sourcing the various components.

John Baichtal

John Baichtal

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  • walter

    Can you post a Video on the schematics and parts used to make the circuit board, and how you wired the power supply, and the connection to the computer. I would greatly appreciate it!!

    Thanks, Walter

  • http://victorblake.com Victor Blake

    There is a really similar looking setup that you can build with Fischer-Technik that includes instructions. They have a converter and software for PC’s. It’s an older item, but I’m guessing it can be found used. Of course it can only do ink/pencil/marker as shown here and would not handle the torque and vibrations from actual CNC work that this machine might be able to handle.

    I’m curious if you have capacitors on the inputs to the mosfets to prevent (filter) out ac. Even with a “computer” power supply there will tend to be some ac or other rf noise entering the input that can potentially be amplified. Also curious about the driver output voltage to the steppers. Are they 12v, 24v, etc.