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Those of you who click through to read more about this very cool project from grad student Kenny Cheung of MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms may be a bit disappointed: The page is not really complete yet and a bunch of the resources, including the physibles, are still “coming soon!” But it’s such a cool idea,  I didn’t want to wait. Looks like the molds are laser cut and, I would expect, reusable. [Thanks, thatcherc!]

Machines That Make | Cast Cement CNC Chassis

Pat Delany’s Designs for Low-Cost DIY Machine Tools

Sean Michael Ragan

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  1. tonyv says:

    Wow! What an awesome idea!

  2. Jeremy says:

    At least it won’t have to worry about temperature and humidity changing it’s shape at all.

  3. rallen says:

    There are some REALLY high precision (and expensive) machines built using a derivative of this method called epoxy granite. There is a huge discussion thread about the best aggregate mix/resin and designs at They’ve even developed equations to calculate the sizes and quantities of aggregate for close packing the granules for optimum aggregate/resin ratios. Some of the stuff going on in there is rocket science compared to many cnc sites.

  4. ftkalcevic says:

    There a few articles around describing how this process was used during World War I…

    There’s also an opensource project…

  5. rigmatch says:

    Check out “The-Multimachine-150-12-Inch-Swing-Metal-Lathe-Mill-Drill” in projects. A re-discovered World War One concrete tool technique that could be great for full size machine tools

  6. rigmatch says:

    The Make site is the only one that is updated daily. It also has great .pdf output.

    Pat Delany

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