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Nirvan says: “I just finished this short film about a 9-year-old boy’s elaborate DIY cardboard arcade. Caine made his arcade using boxes from his dad’s used auto parts store. He hadn’t had many customers, so we set up a fun flashmob to make his day, and filmed his response. I hope it brings a smile to your day. P.S. Caine’s Arcade is in East LA. You should visit it sometime – Caine is still building new additions!”
Mark Frauenfelder

Mark Frauenfelder

Mark Frauenfelder is the editor-in-chief of Make magazine, and the founder of the popular Boing Boing blog.

  • anthony collins

    thats cool

  • Caine’s Cardboard Arcade

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  • Clay

    That is the most awesome thing I’ve seen. I’m speechless… What a great thing you did for Caine…

  • Carole Musgrave

    Caine, how awesome what you have done. God Bless you

  • cde

    This kid will own Chucke Cheese in like 15 years.

  • Chris Turvey

    Best use of a Flashmob yet!

  • Stacy Vlasits (@stacyvlasits)

    Congrats, Caine and Nirvan! Oh, and thanks for making my life better.



  • Samantha Conway

    I just got done making a cardboard box house with my 2 year old last night after we installed our new dishwasher. In my blog I commented how a simple cardboard box and a little imagination can provide hours of entertainment for a child. When I saw this video today, it was a perfect way to start the day. It is so great to see kids today that have imaginations like this and parents that support it. I think Caine is an Engineer in the making :) I wish him and his father a great future, and I hope Caine never loses that spirit!

  • Gregg L

    Very cool. Heartwarming.

  • pete

    This is awesome. Goosebumps and Happy Tears (almost).

  • Cynthia

    What an amazing kid! Nirvan is awesome. There’s nothing better than seeing a happy child. This made my day.

  • Lawgo

    Hats off to Caine for his tenacity and Nirvan for his ability to tell a story. Telling a story to convey empathy is not easy, but done well is so friggin powerful.

  • Cyen

    Great Film! Super proud of Caine! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face, and yes that’s dust in my eye.

  • ISA

    Just amazing i have no words, big hug from Spain!!


    What a great kid. We still have kids out here that use their mind and resources to make a positive mark on our world. Great job Caine

  • Zossimov

    Caine, ingenuity is a trait of all great engineers.

    Nirvan, thank you for sharing such an amazing young citizen.

    Simply awesome!!!

  • markevens

    man tears

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  • Paulo Tobin

    Thank you. Very sweet film. Amazing young chap. He’ll go far. And good on his Dad too for encouraging him like that.

  • Sonya

    How beautiful and uplifting!

  • 9-Year-Old’s DIY Cardboard Arcade Gets Flashmobbed

    […] Via […]

  • Tristan Louis

    If only someone could get this kid, his dad, and the arcade to Maker Faire….

  • Sheryl Nassif

    Great job Caine! Keep up & you will be famous someday – but you already are famous!!

  • winter ann young

    SWEET so SWEET Caines smile is worth every tear I shed

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