Dustin White of the i3 Detroit hackerspace created this instructable on how to assemble your own electronics tool kit. Dustin suggests everything from packets of Sugru to desoldering braid, a sharpie, a dental pick, a multitool, as well as the gotta-have multimeter and soldering iron. How about you? What do you keep in your portable took kit — and what’s the weirdest thing? Leave a note in comments.

John Baichtal

John Baichtal

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  • jay pease

    I carry a pack of wriggly’s gum and some surgical tape. The foil side
    of the gum wrapper is great to fix membrane key’s when they wear out and use the surgical tape to frame it in place

  • http://www.justenrobertson.com nphyx

    I have some arduino gadgets in there (pololu mainly), packs of assorted components, thermal paste, ratcheting screwdriver (must have!), hot glue gun, and a set of helping hands (also must have!) in addition to the above items. Also a couple of computing-centric things like rj-45 crimper and ends and a digital PSU tester.

    Probably the most unusual thing is a miniature architect’s scale. It just comes in handy, moreso than a plain ruler. I’d like to have calipers and a centerpunch too but I haven’t got around to those yet, and sometimes my cordless dremel ends up in the box.

    Another friend from the local hackerspace has a duffelbag-sized kit that is essentially a portable arduino lab. I’m extremely envious of it. He *never* fails to have a needed tool on hand :)

  • Jim

    BURN CREAM for them toasted finger tips!

  • Ken Norris

    I would suggest ‘post-it’ notes and a pen.

  • Eofhan

    I found a paperback-sized, ringless planner. I disassembled it, then stitched elastic bands into it. My pliers-type tools are on the left side, cutters & nippers on the right. Case zips shut, so a hemostat and my wire stripper/gauge tends to travel in it, also.

    I cut a sheet of 1/4″ MDF to fit vertically in the shopping bag I use to haul gear. I mounted a 3rd hand and a soldering iron holder on it. Lastly, I cut a circular mortise and epoxied a large stainless steel flat washer into it. I have a folding magnetic-base flashlight holder that sits very firmly on that. With this, I’ve worked everywhere from my own bench to my mother’s restored antique dinner table.

    Many thanks for the MOLLE bag link! I’ve been thinking about something like it, recently.

  • nylmr

    I travel with some of the above, plus an assortment of standard USB cables, USB wall charger, Hiren’s Boot CD on a thumb drive, Ubuntu for i386 on a thumb drive, a small packet of Polymorph thermoplastic, kapton tape… the weirdest thing is probably my 24v assembly line electric screwdriver (from dealextreme) that I power with an 19v netbook power supply. In a larger bag I might also bring an Aouye 8032A++ portable hot air rework nozzle

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