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We’ve written about Concrete Canvas before, but I thought this was an interesting application. This stuff is pretty much exactly what it sounds like—a fabric impregnated with cement (though I doubt the cloth is actually canvas).

Here designer Florian Schmid has wrapped the dry material around a demountable wooden form, sewn it at the edges with what looks like Paracord, applied water, and then removed the form after the cement has set. His website, linked below, shows off a chair, a bench, and three different stools made with the same method. Concrete Canvas is manufactured in the UK, and it looks like they are willing to supply small “man-portable” quantities.

Florian Schmid – Stitching Concrete

Instant shelter: Just add water!

Sean Michael Ragan

I am descended from 5,000 generations of tool-using primates. Also, I went to college and stuff. I write for MAKE, serve as Technical Editor for MAKE magazine, and develop original DIY content for Make: Projects.



  1. miroslava von schlochbaum says:

    cool thing, proprietary secrets, “a fabric impregnated with cement (though I doubt the cloth is actually canvas)” …’dog whistle’ received and understood! it falls to us, the busy curious maker hoard, to recreate these results and publish our failures on our journey to glory (and resilient outdoor furniture).

  2. This looks like caveman furniture. No likey.

    1. Sean Ragan says:

      Yah, I’m not sure I would put it in my living room, either. You should check out the chair he made using the same method, though:

      I think it’s better looking, and I wouldn’t mind having one or two in the backyard.

  3. canvas is a weave….

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