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Our very own Haley from The Zen of Making posted this fantastic project just in time for Earth Day. Up-cycling is a great way to create without making more waste and what could be cuter than these mini terrarium made out of old spice jars? Just about nothing, that’s what!

Meg Allan Cole

Meg Allan Cole

DIY guru

  • Jillian {Her Split Ends}

    Love this! What other types of plants can you grow in a terrarium?!? so doing it…might use a few old mason jars i have lying around!!
    ~ Jillian

  • Jules

    The title says “…Terrriums”
    Just sayin’.

    • http://gravatar.com/nestfullofbirds Amanda T

      Hehe. Cause that’s how awesome they are! They’re Terrrrrific! Ok. Lame joke…too full of the holiday spirit! :)

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