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Animatronic Rocking Chair Prop

Build a rocking chair with a dummy sitting in it which rocks under its own power using an automotive windshield wiper motor.

Author: Keith Corcoran

Bento-Style Dinner

Easily and quickly prepare a Japanese bento box with Ton Katsu (pork cutlet) as the main dish, an appetizer of miso soup and a California roll.

Author: Justin

Korean Board Game, “Yut-no-ri”

This is a paper version of the Yut-no-ri game kit. You can make your own board game or you can make this kit version as a gift for your friends.

Author: Michelle Min

Ice Tube Clock

Build the most unique clock on the market, featuring a retro Russian display tube and a clear plastic case so you can appreciate the inner workings of this fantastic gadget!

Author: Nick Brenn

Laura Cochrane

Laura Cochrane

I’m an editor at MAKE and CRAFT. I like hiking, biking, and etymology.

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