The Prusa Mendel

I had a dream that I found a box of 3D Printer Trading cards from 2012 at the Seekonk Speedway Flea Market. When I awoke I realized that might be a good way to introduce some of the 3D printer makers who will be exhibiting at the Maker Faire Bay Area next week. I’ll be posting these all week in no particular order; collect them all!

I’ll be at the Faire covering 3D Printers. If you make 3D Printers (or know someone) who plans to attend, feel free to drop me a line at [email protected].

Collect them all!

Shawn Wallace

Shawn Wallace

Shawn Wallace is a MAKE contributor, artist, programmer, and editor living in Providence, R.I. He designs open hardware kits at Modern Device and organized the Fab Academy at the Providence Fab Lab. He makes iPhone synthesizers with the Fluxama collective and is a member of the SMT Computing Society.

  • balloondoggle

    Oops, I thought you were going to print 3D trading cards.

    • Aaron Shaw

      And I thought it was going to be slightly recursive, printing 3D trading cards on 3D printers on those 3D printers.

      • rocketguy1701

        You could do it even with just one color using embossing, but the dualstruders will have an advantage.

        • chris shay

          Your bias for dualstruders is obliqueous.

          • rocketguy1701

            Technically true, as I had to raise one side of my dualstruders to level the print heads. But it’s probably less than 0.1deg off 90deg.

  • jaf

    so will there be more of these or was it a one off thing?