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This episode of Tiny Yellow House is filled with so much more than just a murphy bed made from garage door parts. It’s actually filled with as many features as Hal’s tiny guest house. Deek showcases the storage, the sneaky bathtub, the kitchen, and of course the garage door murphy bed. Any small home afficianado will find inspiration in this cleverly constructed tiny house.

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  • Marshall Bocell

    Can he just add a strong magnet to the bed that will pull the drawer slides back? If it goes farther up then the magnet just detaches.

    • jammitweapon

      I was thinking of simply kicking it back in with your foot when the bed is stowed. I suppose you could just spring load it so the wheels are trying to push the bed up.

  • Denise

    That is surely one cool-looking garage door bed. Would like to make one myself.

  • garagedoorpartsusa

    It sure looks cool! Very manly!

  • DC Garage Door

    I love this site and these slogans for rally signs will help stimulate those who wish to attend.

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