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DIY drones are the rage! Chris flew a quadcopter off the stage, and entertained droves of questions from how much weight the copters can carry, to FAA regulations, and announced that they would have a new ARM-based APM (Ardu Pilot Mega) by Maker Faire New York.

Sabrina Merlo

Sabrina Merlo

Sabrina is the Maker Faire Program Director. She works on stage content for the flagship fairs (Bay Area & New York), and also runs Maker Faire’s licensing program for locally and independently produced “Mini” Maker Faires. She also co-creates the East Bay Mini Maker Faire in her town, Oakland, CA.

  • whowhatwhere

    who what where??

    • Sabrina Merlo

      Sorry – posting on the fly via phone in middle of show via unfamiliar interface can be tricky. But you’re right. To answer:
      Wired’s Chris Anderson presenting “Autonomous Quadcopter Drones”
      Center Stage, Maker Faire Bay Area 2012

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  • rocketguy1701

    Video or it didn’t happen… :)

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