Garrett Mace was rocking a pair of LED matrix glasses at Maker Faire:

The shades are a 20×6 matrix (with some pixels missing of course) driven by SPI from an integrated Arduino-compatible in the right temple. There is a Lithium-Polymer battery on the left temple. You can charge the glasses through USB, and download new code to it over the same connection. A button on the right temple allows switching between modes or auto cycling animated patterns.

[via HaD]

John Baichtal

John Baichtal

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  • macegr

    Here is a better (maybe, at least more fun) video showing more patterns on the glasses:

    It was a blast wearing these around the Faire, hundreds of people must have tried them on and taken photos. Most common under-the-breath comment from passers-by: “That’s just wrong. I want it.”

  • joe

    I foresee lady gaga getting an upgrade :-)

  • Justin Mamaril

    Is it possible to buy these anywhere.