Everybody’s favorite slingshot aficionado, Jörg Sprave, is at it again. Got an old set of steak knives sitting around the house collecting dust? Why not turn them into a battery-powered whirligig of doom? Using a battery powered drill, some MDF, and a timing belt, Jörg constructed one mean looking rotary slicer. Seems like a great stress reliever. If you get bored of the steak knives, you could always swap it out for a buffing wheel and wax your car.

Adam Flaherty

Adam Flaherty

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  • CindySue

    That’s INSANE! I LOVE it!!!

  • Nirmal

    this is awesome!!! lol, one of these days we gonna hear a news report “man killed by his own invention…” but I really hope not, fingers crossed.

  • Chris

    Love it! I’ve never built any of his crazy creations, nor do I have the upper body strength to use half of them; but they sure are entertaining. He gets my vote for most likely to survive the Zombie Apocalypse.

  • http://dwarmstr.blogspot.com/ Dean W. Armstrong

    So dangerous, and yet it’s given me ideas for mounting a hand drill! Thanks!

    • Adam Flaherty

      I know, right?

  • Seth

    My only concern — aside from safety — is that the promotion of DIY weapons on MAKE, the web, and in general, risks making the maker movement look like something that is potentially dangerous to the public. This is especially true if DIY weapons are ever used in an event that gains a lot of media coverage. I think MAKE should consider carefully whether it wants to promote this kind of project.

    • Seth

      Clarification: “in an event that gains a lot of media coverage” should be “in a tragic event that gains a lot of media coverage”.

      Of course homemade weapons have been used in many tragic events without drawing a lot of attention to the DIY or maker culture, so maybe I’m wrong.

      • pete

        dude come on this is a guy that has a gift of making weapons if you don’t like it don’t watch it MAKE is in everything even weapons ….