• http://gravatar.com/davidcdean davidcdean

    A quick search shows the low-temp guns aren’t too far off from ABS melting temp. I wonder if you could use this as a super-cheap extruder for the typical ABS plastic spools in a diy printer…?

    • http://www.fab-favreau.com Chris

      This _is_ a super cheap extruder for a typical ABS plastic diy printer. Check out the instructable.


      The whole extruder cost me around $20 including the parts for the stepper driver (not shown). The precision is not up to that of current ABS / PLA hobby technology however it was a great learning experience for me and appears to work and have plenty of room for tinkering and improvement.

      • davidcdean

        I see, it looked like you were just using the gluesticks, didn’t realize it worked with the standard printing materials. Great project, and thanks for the reply, you’ve got my gears turning. :)

        • http://www.fab-favreau.com Chris

          Nope, you were right in the first place. Sorry to write confusingly. I am just using Low Temp 0.28″ Diam. Hot Glue from Walmart.