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  1. AP says:

    Just in case the bus wasn’t enough of a death trap before.

    1. mr figs says:

      “death trap” “old skull” i see a theme

  2. Caleb Kraft says:

    Yep, the bus is dangerous. I did note however that I don’t use the phone up front while driving. The passenger does. When you drive these beasts, you keep both hands on the task of keeping it on the road. My kids actually love it and it works great!

    Also, I’m willing to bet “old skull” was a typo that his computer autocorrected for him. It was probably supposed to be “old school”.

  3. Piotr says:

    This is an idea very much likely to be used in one of Pimp My Ride program.

  4. caitlinsdad says:

    I guess you could have used the free pair of wires to hook up a bell or buzzer? It would save the screaming “Get on the phone! I can’t hear you!”