To me, Gustav Düsing’s Chair 23D seems like a notable landmark in the development of what Bruce Sterling famously referred to, back in MAKE Vol 11, as “router aesthetics.” It does not look like the vectors have been published, which is too bad, IMHO. It really is beautiful. [via Gizmodo]

Gustav Düsing – Chair 23D

CNC Panel Joinery Notebook

Sean Michael Ragan

Sean Michael Ragan

I am descended from 5,000 generations of tool-using primates. Also, I went to college and stuff. I am a long-time contributor to MAKE magazine and My work has also appeared in ReadyMade, c’t – Magazin für Computertechnik, and The Wall Street Journal.

  • Martin Taylor

    I became a little obsessed with the way this chair is constructed so I attempted to reverse-engineer it into SketchUp. Here’s a the resulting model: and an image of it . I’m sure it’s not totally accurate by any means as I only had the photos to work from, not any construction drawings or dimensions but I think I caught the spirit of the chair. I only wish I had a router so I could test my model in the real world not just sketchup :)

    • Sean Ragan

      Aw man that’s beautiful, Martin. I gotta tell you, in all honesty, I was on the point of trying to do this myself. Thanks! Unfortunately, I don’t have a router either. Not one big enough, anyway.

    • Tyler Waugh

      That’s really really close. Main difference I see is the back angle on your sketch-up is a lot more forward. 10-20 degrees further back maybe?

      • Martin Taylor

        Tyler – you’re right – I’ll try to fix that this week.

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