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Generating spheres at an absurd scale is sculptor Keith Holamon’s obsession. Using a custom apparatus mounted on a flatbed trailer, Holaman laboriously chips away at mammoth hunks of burl to produce massive orbs that evoke a sense of the familiar while also being completely alien at the same time. [via LikeCool]

Adam Flaherty

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  1. Very nice work. Just one suggestion — if you want to keep doing it PLEASE spend $10 on some good protective eyewear and use it with the chainsaw and lathe. It would be a shame to lose your passion over that lapse of judgment.

  2. [...] I love, Love! LOVE! the use of industrial equipment to make art. A custom built crane/lathe/mill truck for making big wooden balls? Be still mah heart! (via Make) [...]

  3. Gwendolyn Thompson says:

    I wish there was something to show scale on the finished spheres. They are beautiful, but would be more impressive if there was something to compare it to.

  4. JJ says:

    Need a link to the artist

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