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NEWS FROM THE FUTURE – Your Best Friend, The Drone

Runners, you no longer have to convince your reluctant partner to put on sneaks and hit the streets with you, thanks to my new favorite drone: the Joggobot, a companion robot for runners. Using a built-in camera, the autonomous drone hones in on sensors in a custom shirt and exhorts you to keep up with it.

  • Fong

    When mountain biking, someone’s always got to have the camera mounted on their bike/body. There’s always a dedicated camera biker but this isn’t possible when biking alone. I’d be very interested in adopting this joggerbot to act as a chase cam following me as I bike through trails.

    I’d like more information on how to make this happen. Any assistance is much appreciated.

    • hexmonkey

      You might have to stop every 15 min or so to change batteries in the drone. Maybe even more often on trails with overhanging foliage if there is a sensor to help it avoid obstacles.

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