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I recently came across the cartoons of GD Konstantine, and I really like them!

I also enjoy drawing cartoons. Using a simple drawing program, I sometimes take a minute to draw a simple black-and-white cartoon, usually inspired by a word or phrase I’ve heard recently that stuck in my head. It’s a fun way to take a bite-sized break. Some of my favorites include Egg on Your Face, Shredding the Gnar, Surly La Table, and Blown Away Disk Cache.

Laura Cochrane

Laura Cochrane

I’m an editor at MAKE and CRAFT. I like hiking, biking, and etymology.

6 Responses to GD Konstantine's Cartoons

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  1. I see a trend here lol

  2. but your idea contain lots more plastic and is filled with chemicals that can’t be recycled.

  3. They skipped the stylus on clay in the writing instruments comic. THEN WHO WAS PALM COMPUTING!?

  4. Interesting, writing with your finger sucks and so do compact fluorescents.

  5. somehow the like & reblog connection to wordpress does not work to well… when I click in the reader like (only for the Make Blog) it does not save it. I have to go to the article and click it there.

  6. For some reason I find myself strongly disagreeing with the first image. Altough I get is only humour and should not take seriously.

    Probably because it skips the whole typewriters. We do not handwrite (mostly) on our touchscreens.

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