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Fabian Erblehner built this cool Lightrider bike light with reed switches triggering the lights, rather than using a microcontroller.

John Baichtal

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  1. Not really. Revolights use a uController

    1. esden says:

      Fair enough. Nice idea, but the result is basically the same. :D

      Personally I think I would prefer the flexibility of an MCU at the end. The bummer is that revolights are not open as far as I know. But feel free to correct me on that one too. If someone comes up with a nice open hardware/software solution that would be nice.

      1. Simon Daniel Gie says:

        My issue with RevoLights is the cost. Circa US$200-00 is downright crazy. The above is a cheap and cheerful way of producing a very similar effect. Kudos to the author for the simplicity :)