Now here’s a good idea from Yvette of Abernathy Crafts – make your own steering wheel cover. With the warm weather we’ve been having in Detroit lately, this is a great idea to keep your hands cooler while on the road. I wish I’d seen this sooner!

  • nana

    sorry but this could be a bad idea, could be dangerous. I think the wheel is made of some special material to prevent slipping their hands and have better grip.
    perdon pero esto podria ser una mala idea, podria ser peligroso. creo que el volante esta hecho de algun material especial para evitar que se resbalen las manos y tener mejor agarre.

  • sweetesmy

    GREAT idea! choosing a print you like is much better than having to settle for one at the store

  • Arget

    This a great idea and to nana as long as its tight across the heel and you dont pick a slippry material theres no danger of slipping.