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Passive amplifiers have been doing their acoustic trick since before the Victrola was cutting edge. It’s pretty simple, really– just make some noise on the working end of a horn and you’re likely to hear it a little bit easier in the direction it’s pointed in. The concept works in reverse, too.

This eco-amp from the folks at Eco Made is a die cut piece of 100% post consumer chipboard that you can fold together into a fully functional passive amplifier. It comes unassembled flat, so it’s easy to store until you’re ready to use it. [via gizmag]

Adam Flaherty

Adam Flaherty

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13 Responses to iPhone Papercraft Passive Amplifier

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  1. Mariess on said:

    or just buy a real god damn pair of speakers and listen to the music the way the artist intended and not on a horable tinny iPhone speaker…

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  4. In what way is this eco- anything? It’s basically disposable so resources were put into creating and shipping this thing that doesn’t perform half as well as a pair of head phones and isn’t useful for anything else. If you really want an eco-amp just roll up a piece of paper you’d been using. A for effort, really… but an F for thought.

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  10. Just set your iPhone in a ceramic bowl or mug. It is even louder.

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