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Inspired by Mitchell Silva’s Globars, our friend Becky at Adafruit created a DIY version of his illuminated bicycle handlebars. To make your own, you’ll need about two meters of LED strips, a waterproof DC power cable set, 8 x AA battery holder with batteries, clear handlebar tape and some other common maker supplies. And if you want to make your own, of course Becky has the full project writeup at Adafruit’s Learning System.

Matt Richardson

Matt Richardson

Matt Richardson is a Brooklyn-based creative technologist, Contributing Editor at MAKE, and Resident Research Fellow at New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP). He’s the co-author of Getting Started with Raspberry Pi and the author of Getting Started with BeagleBone.



  1. Bill Chance says:

    Interesting idea – this could be used on part of the frame too – make a bike safer at night without much added weight.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. It’s nice but I can think of two or three minor improvements; one, instead of just AA batteries, why not use rechargeables and integrate a trickle-charger connected to a dynamo on the wheel? Recharge as you ride.
    Secondly, add a second line of red-coloured LED’s and put them around the back of the bike, facing rearwards, thus giving you even more safety on the roads.
    Great project though, and when I finally get a new bike, I’ll be giving this a go!

  3. PJS says:

    Nice idea, well constructed. Only issue is with the wrap around set, I’m sure that the light shining up into your eyes at night would dramatically decrease your visual acuity when you need it the most. Most bike lights focus the beam away from your eyes.

  4. Thomas White says:

    Nice look Becky and we will know its you from a mile away, maybe even on a inbound or outbound flight. :)

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