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A group of students from Northeastern University scratch built this WiFi extending robot, called CommBot, almost entirely from billet aluminum. The bot is controlled via WiFi, comes with a custom tablet UI, runs Linux, and deploys WiFi repeater nodes consisting of off-the-shelf hardware running dd-wrt firmware packed into a water tight Pelican case. [via HN]

Adam Flaherty

Adam Flaherty

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  1. Northeastern is not the same as Northwestern.

  2. joseph on said:

    Northeastern University…

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  4. Why did they use WLAN and not GSM which offers definitely a higher range? As the costs for GSM/UMTS flatrates dropped dramatically over the last years this is a real alternative for real world long range remote control and video feedback.

  5. nice !! but some thinkg like that have a different funcion than have fun ? or fing some terrorists ? ahah

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